Our top tips to get you ready to move

At The Finishing Touch, we've helped over 80,000 people move in 23 years. So we can offer you plenty of time-saving advice to minimise the stress and hassles of moving house.  Follow these tips and they should help you to avoid any moving disasters, plan for an efficient move, be prepared well before your removalists arrive and get off to a well organised start in your new home. 

  • 1. Plan your move well in advance
  • 2. Cull and sort before you move
  • 3. Leave plenty of time for packing
  • 4. Pack items in appropriate boxes
  • 5. Have plenty of white butchers paper to wrap breakables
  • 6. Label boxes wisely
  • 7. Create an IMPORTANT ITEMS carton
  • 8. Pack a SURVIVAL kit
  • 9. Have small children and pets cared for on move day
  • 10. Get help from professionals