Need packing materials for your move? 

Most people find that they have more to pack when they move than they realise.

With our expert sizing guidelines, we can advise you on the boxes and packing materials you need to ensure you don't run out before everything is packed safely. 

Whether you are packing yourself, or enlisting the professional help of our ladies, you will need boxes, white butchers paper to wrap and protect items in the boxes, tape and markers. 

How many boxes do you require?

Here is a guide to what you will need to get everything packed up and ready to move, based on how many bedrooms your home has.

As a general rule, purchase a ratio of half small boxes and half large so you have the right mix for large, heavy, small and breakable items. 

Specialised moving cartons can also be bought for hanging clothing, artwork, televisions, golf clubs and wine. 

You will also need paper and tape. If you have a lot of breakables, buy extra paper to protect your precious items.

Convenient supply and delivery

It's your choice, either The Finishing Touch can supply packing materials or we can guide you on where to buy them.

Our helpful Move Managers will advise what you need.  We can supply quality, Australian made new or recycled boxes as well as all other packing supplies and specialist boxes.

Our partners at Storage King can also provide you with packing materials Australia wide, and will give Finishing Touch clients 15% off the cost, as well as great deals on secure self storage.