Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has similar questions when planning to move as it's a logistics exercise that thankfully most people don't do very often.  But here at The Finishing Touch, we help people move home every day. This gives us a good idea of what questions you will have.  Our FAQs are designed to assist you to plan your move, choose your services and get organised to save time, stress and effort for your move.

Planning your move

  • How long will it take to pack my house?
  • Do you move furniture?
  • Can you recommend removalists?
  • Do you provide packing materials?
  • What packing materials will I need?
  • Can I get some help sorting my belongings prior to packing them?
  • Does The Finishing Touch work in country areas?

Timing of the pack, move and unpack

  • Should the packing be done the same day as the removalist delivery?
  • Should the unpack happen the same day as the removalist delivery or the next?

About our services

  • How many staff are needed to pack or unpack a house?
  • Can I choose how many ladies and hours I want?
  • How much notice do I need to provide for a booking?
  • Can extra hours be purchased after my job commences?
  • Does The Finishing Touch work on weekends & holidays?
  • Do I need to pre-pay for my packing or unpacking service?

How our service works

  • Who supervises the team at work?
  • How do the staff know what goes where?
  • Do I need to be there while the ladies are packing or unpacking my belongings?
  • What happens to all the packing materials at the end of the move?
  • What follow-up is done during and after my service?

Other services we offer

  • Do you provide cleaning?
  • Do you have insurance to cover breakages?
  • What other home services are available with my unpack?
  • Can I get the ladies back to re-organise my house after I have lived in it for a while?